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You've got issues. We certainly do, too. The real question is, "Where can we wrestle with them?"

At Brave Church, we aim to create a wrestling ring- one that is roped with love, grace, hope and compassion, where everyone, regardless of background or beliefs, can wrestle with the reality of life and legitimate questions about God.


Time & Location

Sunday: 10:00am

Milwaukee Lutheran
9700 W Grantosa Dr
Milwaukee, WI, 53222

What to Expect:

• High-energy & Relevant Worship Music
• Life-giving, Hope-dripping, Practical Communication


Got Brave Kids?

Because your kids are a priority and not an afterthought, we create a fun and safe environment just for them, where they will learn about God and who they are meant to be. 

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Meet Our Pastors

Jake Wirth is a passionate communicator whose goal is to help people restore a proper perspective towards God, others, and themselves. With his keen sense of humor and skill for animated storytelling, Jake connects with audiences of all ages as his enthusiasm for the Word of God shines through.

Prior to launching Brave Church in Milwaukee, WI, Jake was the Associate Pastor at Adventure Church in Lewis Center, OH, where he served under Pastor Kyle Hammond, as a gifted speaker and led multiple areas including student ministries, creative, and worship. Before Adventure Church, he was a songwriter and worship leader at Victory Church in Oklahoma City.

Jake is married to his beautiful wife, Jacky, who also served on the Adventure Church staff, as the Director of Operations. Known for her attention to detail and impeccable standards in administration, Jacky provides much of the “how” behind Brave Church’s mission. If they aren’t together sipping on some French pressed coffee at home, Jake and Jacky enjoy spending their free time discovering new local restaurants and coffee shops in the Milwaukee area.


God is the creator of all things, seen and unseen. God is eternal and honestly good, knowing all things and holding all power and majesty. God exists as the Trinity. He is three persons, yet one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The creator of compassion, God, seeks to love and be loved by us. God desperately desires a relationship with us. As we journey through life, God is constantly leading us into a relationship with him based on compassion, community and commitment.

Exodus 3:14 Numbers 23:19 | Leviticus 11:44-45 ; 19:2 Psalm 11:4-6 Malachi 3:6 John 3:16 4:24 ; 5:26 14:1 Acts 17:28 Romans 3:3-4

God displayed himself in human form through his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus was born of the virgin, Mary, and lived a sinless life. Displaying his commitment to God and us, he died on the cross for our sins. Jesus Christ was then buried, resurrected from the dead, and ascended into heaven.

Isaiah 7:14 | Matthew 1:18-23 ; 3:17 ; 8:29 ; 14:33 ; 16:16 ;28:5-6 | Luke 22:70 ; 24:46-47 | John 1:1 ; 1:14 ; 10:30 ; 11:25-27 ; 17:1-5 | Acts 1:9 ; 2:22-24 ; 7:55-56 | Romans 1:3-4 ; 3:23-26 ; 8:1-3 ; 10:4 | 1 Corinthians 8:6 | 2 Corinthians 5:19-21 | Gal 4:4-5 | Philippians 2:5-11 | Colossians 1:15 ; 2:9 | 1 Timothy 2:5-6 ; 3:16 

The Holy Spirit is sent from God to live inside all who believe in Jesus Christ. Exemplifying community, the Holy Spirit gives each follower diverse gifts, fostering unity, interdependence, productivity, Christ-like character and love among Christians. The Holy Spirit also teaches, comforts and empowers us.

Genesis 1:2 | Psalm 51:11 ;139:7 | Isaiah 61:1-3 | Joel 2:28-32 | Mark 1:10 | Lk 1:35 ; 4:1 ; 11:13 ; 12:12 | John 15:26 ; 16:7-14 | Acts 1:8 ; 2:1-4 ; 13:2 | Romans 8:9-11 ; 14-16 ; 26-27 | 1 Corinthians 3:16 | Ephesians 1:13-14 | 2 Peter 1:21 | Revelation 22:17

We believe God speaks to us through the Bible.  The Bible is our standard in all we say and do. We believe that God’s unchangeable Biblical message ought to be presented in a relevant way portraying a real hope, to real people through a real God. It’s our desire that this message is free of religious jargon and understandable to our community.

Deuteronomy 4:1-2 | Psalms 119:11 ; 89 ; 105 | Isaiah 40:8 | Matthew 22:29 | John 5:39 ; 16:13-15 ; 17:17 | Romans 15:4 | 2 Timothy 3:15-17 | Hebrews 1:1-2 ; 4:12 | 1 Peter 1:25 | 2 Peter 3:16

The Five We Fight For

The good news of Jesus is way too good to keep to ourselves. Jesus lived on earth and set an example for how to live the life we're meant to live. Then He died to pay a debt that was meant for us. Finally, He beat death and the grave through His resurrection so that we can experience life and life to the fullest.


It’s about: A gracious perspective towards every person we meet.

"For God so loved that He gave..." The gospel is a message of generosity. When we give, in any area of our lives, we act like God.  So, we fight to give away everything God has given us. Grace. We give it away. Love. We give it away. Money. We give it away. If we've been blessed, we fight to be a blessing to others. 

If the gospel message is one of generosity, then the presence of God is one of diverse unity.  Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Three diverse individuals, yet they are in perfect unity. When we embrace our differences and come together around the gospel of Jesus, we look like God. 

Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, once said, "The easiest way to predict the future is to invent it." We predict the future for Milwaukee is bright because we choose to invest into the generation that will change it- the next generation. Prioritizing our kids, prioritizing our children’s church experience and their walk with Jesus is how we invent the future we want for our city. 

Jesus said, "Love God and love others." It's that simple. We believe that loving God should never interfere with loving others. It's "both/and" not "either/or." We fight to get our point across to everyone: We love you.